Bruce Myers

“Amanda developed a series of engaging and distinctive pen-and-ink illustrations for a community guidebook, which was disseminated in both hardcopy and through our website. Her artwork helps to convey sometimes challenging legal concepts to the non-lawyer, so the reader can more easily grasp and approach the narrative. Amanda brought skill and creativity to the project, but she also listened closely to our needs and responded quickly to our revisions and special requests. She was a pleasure to work with.”

Bruce Myers - Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute

Josh Burch

“Amanda has created clear, concise, and vivid imagery to highlight the statehood cause. Whether it’s designing business cards, coasters, or t-shirts, her work for us has caused people to gravitate to our materials and want to know more.”

Josh Burch - Founder, Neighbors United for DC Statehood

Chrisy Asbee

“My experiences working with Amanda were nothing but positive. She balances creativity with function, and always keeps her clients and the target audience at the forefront of her artistic process. She accommodated my requests for changes in a timely manner, and followed up to make sure I had everything I needed prior to printing. Amanda is so efficient and effective that our projects end far sooner than I anticipate!”

Chrisy Asbee - Attorney, Law for Food

Winston Miller

“My wife and I wanted something different for our wedding invitations, something whimsical and fun, but also practical in the sense that it still conveyed necessary information. Amanda was able to translate all we dreamed of into a uniquely cute and beautiful piece of art. To this day, my wife and I feel honored to have one of Amanda’s creations as a keepsake from our wedding.”

Winston Miller - Attorney, Veterans Justice Project

Adam Schempp

“Amanda has demonstrated time and again her talent for making documents visually unique and interesting, yet polished and professional. She has an uncanny ability to incorporate, and build upon my preferences. Throughout the whole process, she is patient, timely, thoughtful, and fun.”

Adam Schempp - Senior Attorney, Environmental Law Institute